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About Us

Exam Experts Empowers Students and Strengthens Communities

The Exam Experts Conquerors Program TM is an educational enhancement program that promotes youth academic achievement through standardized exam preparation training and skill building. Students explore and review concepts in the following content areas: English, Mathematics, Reading, Writing and Science.

The Vision

The vision of Exam Experts is to see students excel academically and pursue a college education or post high school training. As leaders in the business and educational community, it is our responsibility to provide every resource necessary for our students to achieve academic excellence. Exam Experts is empowering students to achieve this excellence. We seek to create an unbreakable support network around youth– consisting of parents, teachers, churches, community groups, and business entities–to ensure their opportunity for success in life.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide elementary, junior high school, and high school students, and young adults with superior quality ACT, SAT, PSAT and GED exam preparation workshops, personal tutoring, and scholarship and career counseling, to maximize their opportunities to enter a collegiate institution or skilled trade after graduation.


Our agency provides systemic training modules that involve diagnostic testing, which include practice questions, comprehensive question and answer sessions, training on maintaining focus and concentration, pacing, and choosing the best answer through the process of elimination. We also administer a full-length practice examination under test conditions. Our program is designed to increase student proficiency in the subject matter, while eliminating test anxiety—ultimately producing a confident, prepared, effective test taker. Secondary to the workshops, we provide private tutorial services in order to prepare and increase the students’ scores on these proficiency exams. The goal is to help increase the overall scores of the students, thereby increasing their chances of receiving scholarships for college and post high school training. We also offer one-day seminars.

Financial aid and scholarship counseling are provided as well. The purpose and goal of this counseling is to empower students and parents’ understanding and ability to identify available sources of public and private funding that would defray the cost of post high school education.

A well-trained faculty of professionals from the community conducts the workshops and counseling. All faculty have at least a Bachelor’s degree with several possessing Master’s degrees in their fields of study and law degrees. The Exam Experts faculty offers valuable training and information the students, as well as exposure to various career choices and the chance to interact with positive role models.

Exam Experts has been successfully operating since 1995 and was founded by Mark J. Mayberry, J.D., B.B.A.